Meet our team
The project has a solid team made up of Estefania Martinez as creative director, Marcos Roig in backend development and smart contracts, and Boudy De Geer as Full Stack and infrastructure developer.
With at least 8 years of working together as a team and more than 20 years of experience in developing software and online applications, we carried out this great innovative project of NFT Gaming on the Binance blockchain.
It should be noted that the team works side by side with external collaborators to carry out the tasks of marketing, economics and other developments of the project, open to the possibility of incorporating new specialists during the growth of the project.
Estefania Martinez: Creative Director. ( Spain ) Twitter link
Marcos Roig: Backend developer and Blockchain smart contracts. ( Argentina ) Twitter link
Boudy De Geer: CEO & Fullstack developer and infrastructure. ( Netherlands ) LinkedInTwitter link
Cristina Bernal: Marketing director. ( Spain ) Twitter
Maxi Roig: Marketing & Community Manager (Argentina) Twitter link
Stephan Jäschke: Growth lead (Germany) Twitter link
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