The game's reward system will be based on a mixed model, this will allow the economic system to adapt to market fluctuations, granting the user more stable rewards:
  • 50% based on free market.
  • 50% based on oracle.
  • These percentages may vary depending on market conditions.

Reward multipliers

  • Stadiums Merchandising
  • Catering
  • TV rights
  • Advertising (stadiums and jerseys)
  • 4vs4 and 11vs11 first division modes: 1,58x

Payment method

Reward payments will be based on several factors:

  • In-game entry fee (pack price + non-discounted split)
  • Percentage of victories achieved
  • Division
  • Mode
  • Roi days ( 45 )
  • Price of $NFUT at the entrance of the user's game.

Game types:

-PVP -Simulated games -Penalties

Maximum number of paid matches per day:

PVP: 6 matches Simulated matches: 3 matches Penalties: 3 matches

Reward multiplier:

4vs4 and 11vs11 first division modes: 1,58x

Payout percentages by game types

PVP: 85% of rewards Simulated games: 7.5% of rewards Penalty kicks: 7.5% of rewards

Mixed rewards method

50% free market * 50% oracle*. These percentages may vary depending on market conditions.

How are they calculated?

Calculations are made by dividing the amount of $NFUT paid to enter the game (prices without discount), the result is divided by the stipulated ROI days (45). The result is multiplied by the winrate percentage obtained in each game mode and 50% is calculated at the $NFUT price of the game entry and the other 50% at the price of the oracle. Multipliers are applied to the results obtained, if any. The final result is converted into $NFUT tokens for payout.

ROI ( return of investment )

All professional games will be rewarded through the $NFUT token, including the 4 and 11 player modes.
The ROI is stipulated between 35-45 days of playing time, with a win rate of 75%.
Those teams with a higher rate will be able to reduce that period.
Rewards can be claimed whenever the user wishes and will carry an associated commission, see table.
The game will have a fixed withdrawal commission of 5%, which must be paid in BNB. (IMPORTANT: Please note that you must have BNB in your wallet to withdraw). Rewards can be paid in $NFUT, BNB or BUSD tokens. $NFUT tokens can be redeemed through the DEX PanCakeSwap.