Minigames (PVE)
These mini games will be an addendum to the main PVP game, which will require less time consumption, but their rewards are limited.
There are currently two mini-game modes available:

Matches simulations:

This mode will simulate a match against the system, (This mode is completely random).


In this mode the user will face a round of 5 penalties against the goalkeeper (system), in which rewards will be given for the number of goals scored (this mode is completely random).

Manager Games (COMING SOON)

To be the best on the pitch you have to work hard every day, that's where the Manager Games come into play, these will be progressively integrated into the main game (see Roadmap).
Among them we will have:
  • Player training: Get the best physical shape to beat your rivals.
    • This game consists of creating a squad of experts ( doctors, physiotherapists, coaches...) who will serve to maintain the morale and physical condition of your players at the highest level.
  • Training of coaches: Specialize your Trainers to achieve an overwhelming strategy.
    • This consists of the creation of coaches (through preparation courses) which your players will be able to become coaches.