Transfer markt ( marketplace )
The NFUT game will have its own marketplace, it will be part of the NFUT ecosystem, in which the different NFTs of the game can be purchased and its exchange currency will be the $NFUT token.
With the $NFUT coin, users will be able to buy/sell NFTs of the type:
  • NFUT Coaches
  • NFUT Players
  • NFUT Shirts
  • NFUT Badges (Shields)
  • NFUT Add-ons
  • NFUT Stadiums
  • NFUT Line-ups
  • Others NFTs later developed for the game
  • Exchanges: Exchange players with other users.
It should be noted that the direct sale of NFTs will be through packs, this is an advantage for users who wish to sell their NFTs in the store, since they will be the only ones who will be able to offer Players, Badges, Trainers, Stadiums, etc. so they will not have directly competition with the packs that NFUT sells.
Transfer Markt buys and sales will carry a 5% commission.
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