The Game (PVP)

PVP (Play & Earn)

The PVP (player versus player) will be based on a football card game in which the strategy of the users combined with the power of the NFT will be the main attraction.
Participants will be able to use the attributes of their NFTs to win against their opponents. Once logged into the game, through their NFTs, users will be able to found a club (name, city, and select badge and shirts), create their teams from the TEAM section, and use their NFTs to form their teams. lineups.
The game will begin when the player who starts the hand chooses a player's preferred attribute on their cards. This attribute and its values ​​will be exposed to its opposite so that the latter must win with the opposite attribute. Values ​​will be compared and 1 match point will be awarded to the winner.
The game will be won by the player with the most points obtained during the game. That's not all, in addition to the players, the participation of the managers, stadiums, power-ups and much more will be of vital importance in the game.
The platform will have 2 game modes, 4vs4 - 11vs11 and in each of them 2 types of games: friendly and professional. Friendly games: They will be PVP games without prizes, just for fun.
Professional matches: They will be PVP matches rewarded with different prizes such as NFTs, $NFUT tokens explained later.
Game modes will be accessible depending on the number of players users have:
4v4 Quick Match: (4 players + founded club are needed) (see Starter Pack explained later)
11v11 Full Match: (It takes 11 players + founded club + lineup) (see Pro Pack explained later)



The game will have different divisions which will be associated with their percentage of rewards and with a maximum of 16 teams to participate in each of them.
The most important division will be the 1st, which will grant the highest percentage of rewards in the game. Access to the divisions will be made in the first instance based on pre-sales and in the future by the acquisition of an NFT that will grant the place in it.
At the time of the launch of the PVP there will only be 1st and 2nd division, the rest until reaching the 10th, will be created according to promotions and descents or according to the needs of the game.


For those players who wish to reach a specific division, they will be able to acquire a paid slot to participate in them, except for the first division that will only be accessible through promotions.


  • At the beginning of each season, to register your team, a $NFUT token fee must be paid: - Player salaries - Club registration fee - Salaries of club employees (This fee will not be charged if there are none) - Stadium (This fee is waived if no stadium is owned)
  • A maximum of 23 players can be registered in an 11vs11 league. A maximum of 11 players can be registered in a 4vs4 league. (Once a player is enrolled, he/she will begin to age, see the control mechanisms explained below).
  • There are no wallet or IP restrictions to create different teams (1 team per wallet).
  • Registrations will be done on saturdays and sundays.


  • 30 reward matches (6/day), in 5 days (Monday to Friday), with a total of 16 league teams.
  • 2 free days for registration to leagues, teams changes, training, etc (Saturdays and Sundays).


  • The promotion and relegation of the teams will be regulated by the results of the teams in each division.
  • Top 3 promoted and relegated division.
  • The descents of the last 3 teams at the end of the weekly league will take place as long as the lower division exists, otherwise they will remain in it for one more season.


Each season will have a duration of 1 week.


  • Stadiums
  • Merchandising
  • Catering
  • TV advertising rights (stadiums and t-shirts)


  • Players registration
  • Registration of club employees (if you have any)
  • Stadium rental: During the season matches the teams will play home matches, in case they do not have a stadium it will be necessary to pay a corresponding commission for the rental of the same.
  • Stadium repair (if you have your own stadium)
  • Registration into divisions: At the end of each season, it will be necessary to pay the registration ticket for the new season.


  • Scouts: search for new players
  • Rename the club
  • Tournament entry
  • Popularity bets
  • Change of club shirts
  • Change of club badge
  • Change of name of stadiums


Progressive increase in the age of the players. A season represents 1 real year in the life of the players.
  • Players who reach the ages between 32 and 38 can become coaches and scouts or they can also get burned by other younger players.
  • Players who have never been registered in any league will keep their original age for 5 seasons. Once this period of time has elapsed, they will begin to age out.
  • When a player is placed in the transfermarkt he will start to age, even if he is not registered in any league.


These tournaments will be created with the aim of offering great prizes for the winners. A registration ticket will be charged and will go directly to the prize box for the best of the tournaments.
  • It will be necessary to purchase a special NFT ticket in the in-game market in order to participate.
  • Each tournament will have different prizes such as NFTs, $NFUT tokens or BNB tokens provided by the game itself, as well as contributions from the participants (Entry Reward Pool).


Retransmission function: All matches can be retransmitted if the participants wish, this means that any user can see and comment on what is happening live.
The platform will have a spectator mode, LIVE TV, in which anyone can enter to watch a match in real time.

Rankings and statistics

The game will have different rankings and statistics related to matches, teams, players and all blockchain related information about the NFUT Game.


The necessary communication and messaging tools will be developed so that all game users can get in touch with each other to create their online encounters, such as chats and user search engines.