The game assets are NFTs developed through the BEP-721 standard and will be of different types, ordered by their relevance in the game:
  • NFUT Badges (Shields)
  • NFUT Shirts
  • NFUT Players NFUT Coaches
  • NFUT Stadiums
  • NFUT Line-ups
  • NFUT Add-ons
  • NFUT Referee
  • Other collections to be released later for the game.
All in-game item assets are tokenized (NFTs), meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere, on any NFT marketplace running on Binance Smart Chain.
All in-game assets will be available on the market and can be purchased through packs with the currency $NFUT All assets are considered collectibles.

NFUT Badges NFTs

🛡 Badges in NFUT will be essential assets to form clubs, these assets will define your team's shield, its rarity will determine its market value.

NFUT Shirts NFTs

The NFUT Shirts, like the shield, will be an essential asset to form your club, these will be the shirts that your team will wear in the matches, there will be one for the goalkeepers and another for the players. Like NFUT badges, their rarity will also determine their value.

NFUT Players NFTs

NFUT Players are one of the most important assets in the game, they will have different stats depending on their position on the pitch. The better the stats, the more valuable the player will be for PVP.

NFUT Coaches NFTs

Coaches are indispensable for using add-ons and making substitutions.
Coaches will provide experience in matches and allow you to exchange cards during the game. A trainer can be acquired by purchasing an envelope, at the market or by retiring a player (at an advanced age) and paying a fee for him to take a training course to obtain a trainer's licence.

NFUT Stadiums NFTs

The team owning a stadium will be able to play home games (without paying commissions).
  • Stadiums will hit the market in their most basic form.
  • The stadiums will have 5 levels of development.
  • A team that decides to expand its stadium must pay an expansion fee through the NFUT token and will also have a waiting time until its expansion ends.
  • The higher the stadium level, the higher the rewards, which will also be according to the division in which you are.
  • If you do not have your own stadium, you must pay a fee in $NFUT to be able to rent a stadium (in case of playing at home).

NFUT Line-ups NFTs

  • Lineups will allow you to organize your players.
  • You can use different alignments between match and match (in case you have more than one)
  • The line-ups influence the global statistics of your players (Each player has his favorite line-up)
  • There are several different types of alignments.

NFUT Add-ons NFTs

Special cards that can be used to exclude an opponent's card, such as: excluding a player due to injury or card accumulation. You will able to use this add-ons only with coach NFT. Others developed later for the game. The game add-ons will have a limited use, once used in a match they must be recharged to be able to use them again. This top-up can be done in-game by paying the corresponding fee in $NFUT tokens. Each complement will have its time to cool down.
NFT plugins will be of different types:
  • Attack
  • Defending
  • Injury
  • Doctor
  • Fatigue
  • Energy drink
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • V.A.R.


They will allow special access to the game limited by a maximum of uses per wallet. They can also give access to tournaments.


These assets will be given as rewards in special events, which will grant some kind of benefit to their owners.

NFUT Referees

  • The referees will be active within the game which will be able to influence the development of a match.
  • These will have a level of "HARDNESS" which will directly influence the decisions you make within the game
  • These assets are not for sale.