NFUT Cards
Binance Smart Chain Gaming NFTs.
NFUT Cards Official NFUT Whitepaper, last updated February 2021
NFUT Cards is a PVP soccer game with blockchain technology and collections of NFTs as in-game assets where the player can play and earn tokens through the game and contribute in the NFUT ecosystem through the $NFUT token.
The token and NFTs will be executed on the Binance network blockchain (Binance Smart Chain) following the BEP-20, BEP-721 standards respectively.
The project will be managed by the team and by the community supporting the project, through a governance system explained in this document. This project is made by and for the people, we will guide the NFUT universe always keeping in mind our motto: you choose, we create.
Our goal is to fight against the injustice of this world by creating a long-term project with a revolutionary video game, where anyone from all over the world can, first of all, have fun and, secondly, learn from the crypto NFT world.
Unlike other projects in this game the importance of the player's skill will be key, the amount of tokens you get will be directly proportional to your skill.
NFUT wants to differentiate itself from others by creating a community led by the players themselves, who will ultimately be the owners of the NFUT ecosystem by having the power to govern and make decisions in a fully democratized environment.
As if it were a social network, we will offer different tools to shape the growth of the platform, such as user chats, searches, live broadcasts and online tournaments.
The NFUT game will be playable on any device, will be built entirely with HTML 5, Javascript and other technologies and will be accessible on any web browser. An Internet connection will be required to play.
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